Author Commit
2019-08-20 Jan Altensenupdate footer source url master
2019-08-20 Jan Altensenuse class success instead of default
2019-08-20 Strictedupdate pipeline url
2019-08-20 Strictedgitlab-ci: remove build stage
2019-08-20 StrictedRevert "use RELASE_TYPE for UI, not TYPE"
2019-08-20 StrictedPython 3.5.3 compatibility
2019-06-06 Tom PowellInclude last built page for all devices in the last 3mo
2019-05-28 Tom PowellFix ordering on runners page
2019-05-28 Tom PowellInclude last successful build date on runners page
2018-12-12 LuK1337Fix footer style
2018-12-12 LuK1337Fix invalid th tag closure
2018-12-02 Tom Powelladd footer, include version
2018-12-02 Tom PowellAllow filtering by build id
2018-11-16 Tom PowellPush latest tag
2018-11-16 Tom PowellCoerce runner id to a string.
2018-11-15 Tom Powell...CI fail
2018-11-15 Tom PowellCI all the things!
2018-11-15 Tom Powelltemporarily remove last build time, query doesn't work...
2018-11-15 Tom Powellinclude psycopg2
2018-11-15 Tom PowellAdd dependency scanning / sast
2018-11-11 Tom PowellAdd LICENSE
2018-11-04 Tom Powelluse RELASE_TYPE for UI, not TYPE
2018-11-04 Tom Powellfixup ci yml
2018-11-04 Tom PowellEnable caching
2018-11-04 Tom PowellInclude last build time in stats
2018-11-04 Tom PowellFix stats template, don't error on missing runner stats
2018-11-04 Tom Powellonly save duration if build passes
2018-11-02 Tom PowellStats and API
2018-11-01 Tom Powellorder runners by (sponsor_name, name)
2018-11-01 Tom Powellround durations to 2 digits
2018-11-01 Tom Powellfilter runners by sponsor name
2018-10-31 Tom Powellinclude duration
2018-10-30 Tom PowellOrder correctly, add filters to runners
2018-10-30 Tom Powellfixup migrations
2018-10-30 Tom Powellfixup: requirements + ci
2018-10-30 Tom PowellMake things prettier
2018-10-29 Tom PowellInclude datetime from webhook
2018-10-29 Tom Powellpost release info to #releases
2018-10-29 Tom Powellmake tests silent-er
2018-10-29 Tom PowellAdd slack webhook
2018-10-29 Tom Powellfixup table
2018-10-29 Tom PowellFix webhooks
2018-10-28 Tom PowellMake UI render
2018-10-28 Tom Powellinit