descriptiondevice tree for telekom puls (alcatel/mediatek)
last changeTue, 24 Jul 2018 02:50:55 +0000 (04:50 +0200)
Author Commit
2019-02-28 Jan AltensenRevert "ttab: Set TARGET_NEEDS_NETD_DIRECT_CONNECT_RULE... lineage-16.0
2019-02-26 Jan AltensenDefine Vendor security patch level
2019-02-26 Rashed Abdel... ttab: Set shipping API level via inherited makefile
2019-02-26 Jan Altensenuse from angler (OPR6.170623.017)
2019-02-26 Jan Altensenreleasetools: force flash boot.img
2019-02-26 Jan Altensenremove
2019-02-26 JoeyBuild Trust HAL
2019-02-25 Jan AltensenAllow to access debugfs
2019-02-25 Han Wangttab: Update textclassifier package name for P
2019-02-25 Joeyttab: build textclassifier
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenuse sdcardfs fuse for now
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenset WPA_SUPPLICANT_USE_HIDL to true
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenset surfaceflinger optimizations
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenremove no longer needed shims
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenremove no longer needed properties
2019-02-25 Jan AltensenRevert "Use Android Go configurations"
2 years ago lineage-16.0
2 years ago lineage-15.1
2 years ago cm-14.1