Author Commit
2019-02-28 Jan AltensenRevert "ttab: Set TARGET_NEEDS_NETD_DIRECT_CONNECT_RULE... lineage-16.0
2019-02-26 Jan AltensenDefine Vendor security patch level
2019-02-26 Rashed Abdel... ttab: Set shipping API level via inherited makefile
2019-02-26 Jan Altensenuse from angler (OPR6.170623.017)
2019-02-26 Jan Altensenreleasetools: force flash boot.img
2019-02-26 Jan Altensenremove
2019-02-26 JoeyBuild Trust HAL
2019-02-25 Jan AltensenAllow to access debugfs
2019-02-25 Han Wangttab: Update textclassifier package name for P
2019-02-25 Joeyttab: build textclassifier
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenuse sdcardfs fuse for now
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenset WPA_SUPPLICANT_USE_HIDL to true
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenset surfaceflinger optimizations
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenremove no longer needed shims
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenremove no longer needed properties
2019-02-25 Jan AltensenRevert "Use Android Go configurations"
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenupdate wifi packages
2019-02-25 Jan Altensenttab: regenerate device manifest
2019-02-25 jrior001ttab: move omx to hwbinder
2019-02-25 Kevin F. Haggertyttab: Set TARGET_NEEDS_NETD_DIRECT_CONNECT_RULE to...
2019-02-25 Etan CohenUprev Wi-Fi HAL to 1.2
2019-02-25 Roshan PiusDon't start supplicant with interfaces
2019-02-25 Roshan Piuswpa_supplicant(hidl): Add support for
2019-02-25 Jeff Vander... wifi_supplicant: deprecate entropy.bin
2019-02-25 Jeff Vander... wpa_supplicant: Move control sockets to
2019-02-24 Jan Altensenfix building of libxlog
2019-02-24 Jan Altensenupdate wifi_hal and wpa_supplicant_8_lib
2019-02-24 Jan Altensenadd missing stopwatch symbol
2019-02-24 Jan AltensenAdd missing Fence destructor
2019-02-24 Bruno MartinsSwitch to common basic USB HAL
2019-02-24 Jerry ZhangSet sys.usb.ffs.aio_compat
2019-02-24 Bruno MartinsConsider lineage_ttab product via the AOSP way
2019-02-22 Jan Altensenadd missing symbol for lineage-15.1
2019-02-22 Jan Altensenrename to
2019-02-22 Jan Altensenupdate graphics stack to alps/full_kr070/kr070:6.0...
2019-02-22 Strictedramdisk: Enable FunctionFS
2019-02-22 Strictedset to false
2019-02-22 Strictedallow sysinfo syscall
2019-02-22 Strictedfix permissions for /dev/wmtWifi, add rules for FRP
2019-02-22 Strictedadd missing symbol and shim libvcodecdrv
2019-02-22 Strictedupdate wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf
2019-02-22 Strictedcopy mediacodec-seccomp.policy to the right location
2019-02-22 Strictedbuild libboringssl-compat for gps blob
2019-02-22 Strictedpreload libxlog
2019-02-22 StrictedBuild MultiHAL sensors HAL
2019-02-22 Strictedadd manifest.xml
2019-02-22 Strictedinherit from vendor/lineage
2019-02-22 Stricteddisable sdcardfs
2019-02-22 Strictedupdate wifi packages and wpa_supplicant configuration
2019-02-22 StrictedUse Android Go configurations
2019-02-22 Strictedcreate and Inherit
2019-02-22 Strictedtransition to TARGET_LD_SHIM_LIBS
2019-02-22 Stricteduse 64bit binder
2019-02-22 Strictedremove obsolete flags from BoardConfig
2019-02-22 Stricteduse stock libstlport
2019-02-22 Strictedupdate init library
2018-07-27 Strictedadd atomic shim to libxlog
2018-07-27 Strictedupdate shim library
2018-07-27 Strictedupdate libbt-vendor for oreo
2018-07-27 Strictedupdate wifi hal for oreo
2018-07-27 Stricteddisable selinux
2018-07-27 Strictedremove patches
2018-07-24 Strictedbuild power.default from source cm-14.1
2018-07-15 Strictedkang media codecs from geminipda
2018-07-10 Strictedbuild libcurl
2018-06-11 Strictedupdate power_profile.xml
2018-05-23 Strictedadd gps support back
2018-05-10 Strictedmore ramdisk cleanup, proprietary-files cleanup and...
2018-05-08 StrictedUpdate widevine from crackling TOS111B
2018-05-07 Strictedoverlay: Change wifi tether interface
2018-05-06 Stricted[WIP] ramdisk cleanup
2018-05-04 Stricteddont log to /data/logcat.txt
2018-05-04 Stricteduse protect_s as /misc partition and use protect_f...
2018-05-04 Strictedtreat libdpframework as package
2018-05-03 Strictedrebrand cm->lineage
2018-05-02 Strictedfixup extraction scripts
2018-05-02 Strictedinit: override some more properties
2018-05-02 Strictedupdate extract scripts
2018-05-02 deadman96385overlay: Enable tablet recents interface
2018-05-02 Strictedsepolicy: address mediacodec denials
2018-05-01 Strictedadd mediacodec seccomp policy
2018-05-01 Strictedadd missing and
2018-05-01 Strictedremove unneeded permissions
2018-05-01 Strictedremove unneeded shims
2018-05-01 Strictedadd patch for microphone fix
2018-05-01 Strictedmark as executable
2018-05-01 Strictedadd another camera patch
2018-05-01 Strictedsepolicy: address some mediaserver denials
2018-05-01 Strictedadd mediatek color format patch
2018-05-01 Strictedsepolicy: address some nvram_daemon denials
2018-05-01 Strictedsepolicy: address cameraserver denials
2018-04-30 Strictedsepolicy: label some camera files
2018-04-30 Strictedreplace power_profile.xml with stock one
2018-04-30 Strictedbuild libcamera_metadata from source
2018-04-30 StrictedRevert "add temporary camera shim to prevent systemui...
2018-04-28 Strictedadd temporary camera shim to prevent systemui crashes
2018-04-28 Strictedfix ext sdcard and otg
2018-04-28 Strictedenforcing time
2018-04-28 StrictedMerge branch 'cm-14.1-selinux' into cm-14.1
2018-04-28 Strictedaddress some selinux denials