Author Commit
2020-08-10 Jan Altensendifferenciate between one action and one vision android-9.0-stricted
2020-04-28 Jan Altensen/data is f2fs
2020-04-27 Jan Altensenbuild update_engine_sideload
2020-04-24 Jan Altensenenable adb on boot
2020-04-24 Jan Altensenupdate partition list
2020-04-24 Jan Altensenfix adb
2020-04-24 Jan Altensenfix bootctrl hal
2020-04-23 Jan Altensenfix bootdevice symlink
2020-04-23 Jan Altensenmake twrp permissive
2020-04-23 Jan Altensenremove not needed flags
2020-04-23 Jan Altensendisable vibration
2020-04-23 Jan Altensenfix brightness
2020-04-23 Jan Altensencorrect pixel format
2020-04-23 Jan Altensenupdate prebuilt kernel
2020-03-26 deadman96385misc BROKEN android-9.0
2020-03-26 deadman96385TEMP: Remove the logic for init
2020-03-26 deadman96385source bootctrl changes
2020-03-24 deadman96385Add Exynos bootctrl hal
2020-03-24 deadman96385Update bootctrl and remove encryption support
2020-03-24 deadman96385Rebrand it to troika
2019-09-06 mauronofrioUpdating patchreserve
2019-09-06 mauronofrioUpdating kernel and switching from uncompressed to...
2019-08-18 mauronofrio... Upload New Blobs for Android Q
2019-08-03 mauronofrio... Updating Readme
2019-07-23 engstkWe don't have usb storage
2019-07-22 mauronofrioAdd a script to properly flash Hydrogen OS reserve.img
2019-06-24 mauronofrioUpdating Installer Template
2019-06-24 mauronofrioRemoving TWRP app
2019-06-24 mauronofrioRemoving system and vendor options in backup menu
2019-06-21 mauronofrioLittle fix in the unified script
2019-06-17 mauronofrio... Make the TWRP Unified
2019-06-08 mauronofrioAdding the support for gm1910 Chinese variant
2019-06-05 mauronofrio... Adding Credits
2019-06-05 mauronofrio... Adding a script to fully support OnePlus 7 Pro 5g
2019-06-04 mauronofrio... Updating Kernel Source in Readme
2019-06-04 mauronofrioUpdating kernel for fastboot boot command
2019-05-30 mauronofrioFix H2OS stock rom flashing
2019-05-30 mauronofrioFixing some fstab problems
2019-05-30 mauronofrioFixing Stock ROM Flashing
2019-05-30 mauronofrio... Updating security patch
2019-05-30 mauronofrio... Enabling vendor.gatekeeper.disable_spu
2019-05-26 mauronofrio... Updating for metadata fbe decryption
2019-05-20 mauronofrio... Updating oem_stanvbk
2019-05-20 mauronofrio... Uploading some missing blobs
2019-05-20 mauronofrio... Removing Keymaster 3 from compatibility_matrix
2019-05-18 mauronofrio... Adding Haptic.bin
2019-05-18 mauronofrio... Adding logcat
2019-05-18 mauronofrio... Fixing linker in boot service
2019-05-18 mauronofrio... Hi I'm OnePlus 7 Pro Guacamole
2019-04-11 mauronofrio... Adding ld.config.txt support
2019-04-06 mauronofrio... Missed removing keymaster 3 support
2019-04-05 mauronofrio... Little fix for AOSP Roms decryption
2019-04-04 mauronofrio... Twrp 3.3.0 update
2019-04-04 mauronofrio... Update Installer
2019-03-03 mauronofrio... Update Installer
2019-01-21 mauronofrio... Fix a char in the Brightness path
2019-01-09 mauronofrioAdd Vendor in Wipe menu
2019-01-02 mauronofrioRevert to use ext4 for userdata
2018-12-29 mauronofrio... Update README
2018-12-29 mauronofrioLatest fixes
2018-12-28 mauronofrio... Fixing latest things
2018-12-28 mauronofrioLittle fix in the recovery.fstab
2018-12-28 mauronofrioRemoving some others useless files
2018-12-28 mauronofrioAdded some others configs in
2018-12-28 mauronofrioAdded some system partition info
2018-12-28 mauronofrioSet TW_DEFAULT_BRIGHTNESS
2018-12-28 mauronofrioUse mke2fs to create ext4 images
2018-12-28 mauronofrioAdded some options for A/B devices
2018-12-28 mauronofrioAdded some infos about kernel and recovery
2018-12-28 mauronofrioChanged userdata filesystem to f2fs
2018-12-28 mauronofrioSet notch them as default
2018-12-28 mauronofrioStarting using TOOLBOX instead of BUSYBOX
2018-12-28 Xue LiSongremove busybox binary
2018-12-25 mauronofrio... Adding automatic twrp-installer creation
2018-12-22 mauronofrio... Fix decryption for old and new updates
2018-11-30 mauronofrio... Update for the Notch theme
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Update Kernel
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Little CUSTOM_LUN_FILE_PATH fix for build error
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Update
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Update Kernel
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Removing old enchilada stuff
2018-11-29 micky387fix TW_BRIGHTNESS_PATH for our device
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Update
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Update
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Removing TWRP App
2018-11-29 mauronofrioFixing Readme
2018-11-29 mauronofrioDeleting useless files
2018-11-29 Xue LiSongdecrypt success
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Update for android 9.0
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Fixing Userdata Partition Size
2018-11-29 mauronofrio... Uploading New Kernel
2018-11-29 mauronofrioFajita Bring Up
2018-10-31 mauronofrio... Excluding TWRP app
2018-10-31 mauronofrio... Update ReadMe
2018-09-25 engstkAdjust init values a bit more
2018-09-25 engstkAdd blu_spark r46 custom pie build
2018-09-17 engstkAdd some blu init changes
2018-09-17 engstkAdd some cmdline fixes
2018-09-17 engstkAdd blu_spark r42 custom pie build
2018-08-01 engstkSet max brightness correctly