last changeFri, 24 Apr 2020 17:50:57 +0000 (17:50 +0000)
Author Commit
2020-10-16 Jouni Malinencfg80211: Use const more consistently in for_each_eleme... lineage-17.1
2020-10-16 Paul Mooreselinux: properly handle multiple messages in selinux_n...
2020-10-16 Johannes Bergcfg80211: add and use strongly typed element iteration...
2020-10-16 Johannes Bergnl80211: validate beacon head
2020-10-16 Alan SternUSB: core: Fix free-while-in-use bug in the USB S-Glibrary
2020-10-16 Dmitry TorokhovInput: add safety guards to input_set_keycode()
2020-10-16 Al Viro[RAMEN9610-21565]vfs: fix do_last() regression
2020-10-16 Al Viro[RAMEN9610-21564]do_last(): fetch directory ->i_mode...
2020-10-16 Eric Dumazet[RAMEN9610-21564]net/flow_dissector: switch to siphash
2020-10-16 Eric Dumazetinet: switch IP ID generator to siphash
2020-09-21 Strictedmedia: radio: s610: fix indentation warning
2020-09-21 Khusika Dhamar... input: touchscreen: nt36xxx: fix snprintf warning
2020-09-09 Strictedexynos9609: do not mount oem partition
2020-08-16 Daniel Micayadd toggle for disabling newly added USB devices
2020-08-16 Strictedkane/troika: disable CONFIG_SCSC_WLAN_KEY_MGMT_OFFLOAD
2020-08-08 Paulo Alcantaraselinux: use kernel linux/socket.h for genheaders and mdp
6 months ago lineage-17.1
12 months ago twrp-9.0