Author Commit
2020-09-14 Jan Altensenosal: add libui dependency lineage-18.0 lineage-18.1
2020-04-18 enesuzun2002vp9: fix redefinition error lineage-16.0
2020-04-18 Jan Altensenosal: add BufferMapper
2020-04-18 Danny Woodosal: disable storeMetaDataInBuffers support for decoders
2020-04-18 enesuzun2002vp9: fix redefinition error lineage-17.1
2020-04-18 Danny Woodosal: add procssing of kMetadataBufferTypeNativeHandleS...
2020-04-11 Danny Woodosal: disable storeMetaDataInBuffers support for decoders
2020-04-11 Jan Altensenosal: add BufferMapper
2020-04-11 Danny Woodosal: add procssing of kMetadataBufferTypeNativeHandleS...
2020-04-08 Jan Altensenopenmax: osal: add libion dependency
2020-04-05 Strictedsamsung_slsi: openmax: hide/ignore all warnings
2020-04-05 Jan Altensenfix redefinition error
2020-04-05 Christopher... Fix VP8 compilation
2020-04-05 Christopher... Add TARGET_SLSI_VARIANT makefile guard
2020-04-05 Christopher... Exynos_OMX_Def: Remove duplicate VP9 defs
2020-04-05 Christopher... osal: Include proper headers
2020-04-05 Christopher... osal: Add libnativewindow dependency
2020-04-05 Christopher... components: Add liblog dependencies
2020-04-05 Christopher... Exynos_OMX_Def: Remove KHRONOS ifdefs
2020-04-05 Christopher... vp9, hevc, vp8: Add kernel headers to include path
2020-04-05 Alberto96mpeg2 + vc1: Add kernel headers to include path
2020-04-05 Ethan ChenOpenMAX: Add kernel headers to include path
2020-04-05 TO21Consortiumimport exynos 7570 bsp
2015-08-12 Ethan Chenosal: Fix OSAL lock ANB type casting cm-12.1 stable/cm-12.1-YOG4P
2015-06-30 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Fix issue where EOS Flag is returned multipl...
2015-06-30 Andreas Schneidervideo_dec: Add ThumbnailMode decoding to WMV
2015-06-30 Andreas Schneidervideo_dec: Fix types and casting in h264 codec
2015-06-30 Andreas Schneidervideo_dec: Fix h264 function prototypes
2015-06-30 Andreas Schneidervideo_dec: Add missing prototype for Exynos_Allocate_Co...
2015-06-30 Lajos Molnarvdec: report width/height as stride/slice-height for...
2015-06-23 Christopher... vc1: Fix OMX_IndexVendorThumbnailMode usage
2015-04-01 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Squashed MPEG2 updates cm-12.0 stable/cm-12.0-YNG3C stable/cm-12.0-YNG4N
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Set crop only if frame dimensions change
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_[enc|dec]: Add support for resubmitting CSDs...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Add crop info update code
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimosal: Fix OSAL lock anb type casting
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Limit the number of added minUndequeuedBufs
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Fix issue where EOS Flag is returned multipl...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Add Dynamic resolution support for MPEG4...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_enc: Change scheme of codec buffer alloc in video...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Fix scheme of output metadata buffer in...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Add compensate the defect of dynamic resolut...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Add buffer index reset scheme.
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Fix for dynamic resolution change timing...
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Add ThumbnailMode decoding to h264
2015-03-31 SeungBeom Kimvideo_dec: Increase default buffer size for copy mode...
2015-03-31 Andreas Schneiderresourcemanager: Fix memset warning.
2015-03-31 Andreas Schneiderinclude: Avoid redefinition of ALIGN
2015-03-31 Andreas Schneidervideo: Add missing function prototypes
2015-03-30 Alberto96mpeg2 + vc1: Add kernel headers to include path
2015-03-29 Andreas Schneidervideo_dec: Update VP8 component role
2015-03-24 Andreas Schneidervideo-enc: Add missing prototypes.
2015-01-06 Andreas Schneidervideo-enc: Add missing prototypes. cm-11.0 stable/cm-11.0-XNG3C
2014-06-26 Ethan ChenOpenMax: Update from ODROID-XU 04212014 BSP stable/cm-11.0
2013-10-27 Ethan ChenOpenMAX: Add kernel headers to include path
2013-08-27 Ethan Chenosal: properly ifdef for USE_DMA_BUF
2013-08-27 Ethan Chenopenmax: allow frameworks/native NV12Tiled format
2013-08-27 Ethan Chenopenmax: only build for insignal SLSI variant
2013-03-06 SeungBeom Kimopenmax: Dequeue API changes for I/O error handling
2013-03-05 Taehwan Kimremoved dependency variable
2013-03-05 Taehwan Kimcommon/video: added INVAILD_STATE in exceptionFlag
2013-03-04 Taehwan Kimvenc: fixed a FrameMap problem in kMetadataBufferTypeCa...
2013-03-04 SeungBeom Kimopenmax: Additional code for Buffer flag processing...
2013-02-27 SeungBeom Kimopenmax: Support EOSBehavior.
2013-02-22 Taehwan Kimosal: resolved prevent defect
2013-02-22 Taehwan Kimvenc: removed FlushXXBufferReturn function
2013-02-20 SeungBeom Kimopenmax: Buffer flag processing scheme change after...
2013-02-20 SeungBeom Kimopenmax: Change DPB setting scheme.
2013-02-20 Taehwan Kimcore: resolved prevent defect
2013-02-20 Taehwan Kimvideo/common: resolved prevent defects
2013-02-18 SeungBeom Kimbaseport: Error contrast codes.
2013-02-07 Jinsung Yangvdec: added OMX_IndexParamSetDTSMode support
2013-02-07 Taehwan Kimvenc: changed file property
2013-02-07 Taehwan Kimvenc: added OMX_IndexParamVideoIntraRefresh support
2013-02-01 Taehwan Kimvdec: cleaned up code
2013-02-01 Taehwan Kimvdec: changed buffer count related with MAX DPB
2013-01-31 Taehwan Kimh264enc/osal: modified OMX_IndexParamPrependSPSPPSToIDR...
2013-01-30 SeungBeom Kimexynos_omx: Add secure encode component.
2013-01-30 Taehwan Kimvdec: fixed memory type problem in DRM case
2013-01-30 Taehwan Kimvdec: fixed reinput at output problem
2013-01-30 Taehwan Kimvdec: fixed the mapper.lock failed problem
2013-01-29 Taehwan Kimosal: changed a flag value in case of CONTIG_MEM
2013-01-22 Satish Kumar... vdec: Remove DPB plane size alignment calculation depen...
2013-01-17 Taehwan Kimwmvdec: modified NEED_TIMESTAMP_REORDER handling
2013-01-17 Taehwan Kimvideo: added OMX_IndexVendorGetBufferFD support
2013-01-17 Taehwan Kimvideo: added OMX_IndexVendorNeedContigMemory support
2013-01-17 Taehwan Kimcommon: added bNeedContigMem in port
2013-01-17 Taehwan Kimvdec/venc: modified memory type in CSC
2013-01-16 Taehwan Kimosal: added CONTIG_MEMORY type
2013-01-15 Kim Sangyubadec: added the initial part for port flush status
2013-01-04 Jinsung Yangh264enc: Support prepending SPS/PPS to every IDR/I...
2013-01-03 Taehwan Kimvideo: added USE_CSC_HW macro
2013-01-03 Taehwan Kimosal: added USE_IMPROVED_BUFFER support
2013-01-03 Taehwan Kimvideo: changed the memory type about ION
2013-01-03 Taehwan Kimh264dec: fixed the DRC handling problem
2013-01-03 Taehwan KimRevert "[HACK] venc: support USERPTR about input"
2013-01-02 Taehwan Kimosal: modified mem_cnt calculation
2012-12-28 Taehwan Kimvenc: cleaned up related code with codec buffer
2012-12-21 Taehwan Kimvc1dec: WMV decoder EOS handling fix
2012-12-20 SeungBeom Kimvenc: added UnlockANBHandle in video encode component.