last changeThu, 8 Apr 2021 16:30:52 +0000 (12:30 -0400)
Author Commit
2021-04-08 Dario Trombelloa7xelte: Decommonise LiveDisplay lineage-18.1
2021-04-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add lifevibes blobs and enable the audio enhan...
2021-04-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add second sim slot entries to the device...
2021-04-07 LuK1337a7xelte: overlay: Set config_screenBrightnessSettingMin...
2021-03-05 Michael Bestasa7xelte: manifest: Remove Trust interface entry
2021-03-05 Michael Bestasa7xelte: Switch to patchelf from tools-lineage
2021-03-05 Michael Bestasa7xelte: Switch to standalone extract utils
2021-03-05 Jimmy Chena7xelte: Move supplicant service init to wpa_supplicant
2021-03-05 Bruno Martinsa7xelte: Move graphics composer to hwbinder
2021-03-05 Kevin Chyna7xelte: Add fingerprint configuration to overlay
2021-03-05 LuK1337a7xelte: Remove usb entry from manifest
2021-03-05 Jan Altensena7xelte: add interface entries to manifest
2021-03-05 Peter Kalauskasa7xelte: Convert IMediaCasService to use vintf_fragments
2021-03-05 Ahmed ElArabawya7xelte:: wifi: Remove hostapd hidl entry from manifest.xml
2021-03-05 Jimmy Chena7xelte: wifi: Move wpa_supplicant VINTF definition...
2021-03-05 Ahmed ElArabawya7xelte: wifi: Remove IWifi hidl entry from manifest.xml
4 weeks ago lineage-18.1
3 months ago lineage-17.1
8 months ago lineage-18.0