Author Commit
2021-04-08 Dario Trombelloa7xelte: Decommonise LiveDisplay lineage-18.1
2021-04-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add lifevibes blobs and enable the audio enhan...
2021-04-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add second sim slot entries to the device...
2021-04-07 LuK1337a7xelte: overlay: Set config_screenBrightnessSettingMin...
2021-03-05 Michael Bestasa7xelte: manifest: Remove Trust interface entry
2021-03-05 Michael Bestasa7xelte: Switch to patchelf from tools-lineage
2021-03-05 Michael Bestasa7xelte: Switch to standalone extract utils
2021-03-05 Jimmy Chena7xelte: Move supplicant service init to wpa_supplicant
2021-03-05 Bruno Martinsa7xelte: Move graphics composer to hwbinder
2021-03-05 Kevin Chyna7xelte: Add fingerprint configuration to overlay
2021-03-05 LuK1337a7xelte: Remove usb entry from manifest
2021-03-05 Jan Altensena7xelte: add interface entries to manifest
2021-03-05 Peter Kalauskasa7xelte: Convert IMediaCasService to use vintf_fragments
2021-03-05 Ahmed ElArabawya7xelte:: wifi: Remove hostapd hidl entry from manifest.xml
2021-03-05 Jimmy Chena7xelte: wifi: Move wpa_supplicant VINTF definition...
2021-03-05 Ahmed ElArabawya7xelte: wifi: Remove IWifi hidl entry from manifest.xml
2021-03-05 Jan Altensena7xelte: copy manifest.xml via DEVICE_MANIFEST_FILE
2021-01-18 Danny Wooda7xelte: un-commonise the audio effects configuration lineage-17.1
2020-09-05 Vitaliy Tomina5xelte: overlay: Disable config_cleanupUnusedFingerprints lineage-18.0
2020-08-06 Jan Altensena7xelte: update default source for blobs
2020-08-02 Danny Wooda7xelte: commonise GPS config
2020-07-12 Sourajit Karmakara7xelte: Change default BT device name.
2020-07-09 Joshua Primeroa7xelte: Nuke deprecated WiFi Display overlay
2020-07-07 Dario Trombelloa7xelte: wpa_supplicant_overlay: Enable p2p
2020-07-07 Paul Keitha7xelte: Advertise support for extended length nfc
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: proprietary-files: Add default source note
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: move libstagefright_shim to system
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: nfc: remove "DEFAULT_ISODEP_ROUTE" definition
2020-07-07 Jesse Chana7xelte: Limit the number of fingerprints to 4
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: fingerprint: enable calling cancel when enroll...
2020-07-07 Rashed Abdel... a7xelte: Add vendor.lineage.power to manifest
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: patch to point to new gpsd location
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: update vendor security patch to 01-11-2018...
2020-07-07 Abhishek Srivastavaa7xelte: Use the latest HIDL minor version for wifi...
2020-07-07 Roshan Piusa7xelte: Add hostapd HIDL interface
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: init: override
2020-07-07 LuK1337a7xelte: overlay: Enable config_fingerprintPostResetRun...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: fingerprint: switch to using the new HIDL...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: move binary executables to /vendor
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: un-commonise the libsec-ril blobs
2020-07-07 Dan Willemsena7xelte: Switch from add_lunch_combo to COMMON_LUNCH_CH...
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: convert libinit to Android.bp
2020-07-07 Erfan Abdia7xelte: Drop module eng tags
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: mixer: change camcorder-mic input to use only...
2020-07-07 Sam Mortimera7xelte: Remove config_tether_upstream_types
2020-07-07 Nolen Johnsona7xelte: Add
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: correct fingerprint sensor location
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: use common camera wrapper
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: proprietary-files.txt: Add sswap to the file...
2020-07-07 Vladimir Olteana7xelte: Sync extractors with templates
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: move permissions and (p2p|wpa)_supplicant_over...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: add volume buttons as a possible wakeup source
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: configs: wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf sync...
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: add to manifest.xml
2020-07-07 Dario Trombelloa7xelte: Correct TARGET_OTA_ASSERT_DEVICE definition...
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: regenerate manifest.xml
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: audio: Increase volume of the media mic and...
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: add vendor.lineage.livedisplay and vendor...
2020-07-07 Jan Altensena7xelte: dont attempt to download nfc firmware when...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: overlay: enable WiFi background scanning to...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: proprietary-files.txt: add missing magnetomote...
2020-07-07 Lucas Dupina7xelte: Renamed config_dozeAfterScreenOff
2020-07-07 Kevin F. Haggertya7xelte: Set TARGET_NEEDS_NETD_DIRECT_CONNECT_RULE...
2020-07-07 nx111a7xelte: Set SDK API level for rild
2020-07-07 jrior001a7xelte: move omx to hwbinder
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: rename rild.rc to rild.legacy.rc
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: binderize
2020-07-07 Roshan Piusa7xelte: Uprev to supplicant 1.1
2020-07-07 Etan Cohena7xelte: Uprev Wi-Fi HAL to 1.2
2020-07-07 Andre Eisenbacha7xelte: Rename libnfc-brcm.conf -> libnfc-nci.conf
2020-07-07 Bruno Martinsa7xelte: Consider lineage_a7xelte product via the AOSP...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: ramdisk: tune VM parameters to fix issues...
2020-07-07 Paul Keitha7xelte: Wire up mDNIe features
2020-07-07 Dario Trombelloa7xelte: manifest: Remove unused soundtrigger HAL
2020-07-07 Bordunia7xelte: gps.conf: Use ntp server that is the closest...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: ramdisk: save/restore the batt_capacity_max...
2020-07-07 Joey Rizzolia7xelte: enable burnIn protection support
2020-07-07 Christian Abegga7xelte: disable fingerprint sensor when screen is off
2020-07-07 Christopher... a7xelte: Add libbauthtzcommon shim
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: fingerprint: add fingerprint hal and configuration
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: bluetooth: Disable eSCO commands to fix blueto...
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: remove unused proprietary files
2020-07-07 Rashed Abdel... a7xelte: Set shipping API level via inherited makefile
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: set dalvik props from stock
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: set PRODUCT_AAPT_CONFIG
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: build AdvancedDisplay
2020-07-07 Stricteda7xelte: build Snap instead of Camera2
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add device specific overlays
2020-07-07 Lukas0610a7xelte: define permissions for OEM-sensors
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: build.prop: Add vendor security patch level
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add NFC configuration
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add device hardware key layout
2020-07-07 Dan Pasanena7xelte: Specify GMS client id
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: enable roaming protocol field
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: move wifi firmware to /vendor
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: add permissions
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: add wifi config files
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: shim libcamera_client, libstagefright and...
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Inherit aosp_base_telephony
2020-07-07 Danny Wooda7xelte: Add HIDL manifest